Remember when farming was our nation's wisest pursuit? Contributing most to real wealth, good morals and happiness. Family fatms prospered, Small towns flourished. There was a strong middle class. We were a nation of producers more so than just consumers. This is the spirit of our company and ingrained in our mission to provide nutrient-dense products —MIcroGreens—to those in urban areas who may not have the same access to organically grown healthy foods. Best of all, we are built upon a modern, crypto platform that allows for fractionalized investment in our Grow Pods and maximum community involvement. So whether you're a chef, a local individual, businessowner or institution, you have the ability to get involved as a grower or investor. We are a company that is quite literallt by the People, for the People. Come join our coummunity and help us reinvent farming. We might just start a revolution in agriculture AND kindness to our neighbors. Learn more at www.peoplesfarm.com

The door is wide open.

Our farms are designed to be community resources where we can gather in the name learning, connection and fun.

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The People’s Farm Las Vegas

4770 Wynn Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89013
(702) 701-1325

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