Since the beginning, farming has been the bedrock of America.

“Agriculture…is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness.”

Thomas Jefferson in a letter to George Washington, 1787
Our Story

But as consumerism has dominated modern society, we have lost touch with our agrarian roots.

And along with it, we lost touch with many of the values that family farms instilled in our citizens.

Life Skills Instilled on Family Farms according to Farm Bureau Financial Services

That’s why we are reinventing farming and bringing it back to the people through Controlled Environment Agriculture.

We’re launching local microgreens farms in communities nationwide to increase nutritional access and serve as educational centers for citizens.

A Vision for Local Ownership

We are experimenting with blockchain security tokens as a mechanism to allow local retail investors to co-own our farms with us.

Our ultimate goal is to democratize farming, allowing anyone to become a farmer.

Construction Worker.
Blackjack Dealer.
I Am A 

This will build stronger community cohesion, and enhance our connection to the food we eat.

It will also restore the American spirit and values that originated on the farm.

There’s nothing an American Farmer can’t solve. They will outwork, they will outcompete, and they will always find a way to get the job done. I cannot walk away from a problem. If I’m confronted with something, I’m going to fix it.
Mark Engler, CEO, The People’s Farm

So join us as we reimagine farming from the ground up.

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