Las Vegas' Premier Controlled Environment Microgreens Farm.

We invite you to visit our farm and receive a complimentary 1oz of microgreens.

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America used to be a nation of producers. But today, we are a nation of consumers.

Since 1920, the number of family farms has declined by roughly 70%1 as Americans moved away from rural areas into cities.

Our mission is to nourish the Las Vegas valley with fresh and high-quality microgreens, beginning with our own community of family, friends, and neighbors.

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That’s why we built a hyperlocal sustainable indoor farm that produces the highest quality microgreens.

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In our farm, we grow microgreens, the world’s most nutritionally-dense foods, to foster greater nutritional access and promote a sovereign local food system.

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Every local farm we create is designed to be a educational center for communities to learn and experience agriculture first-hand.

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US Census Data as cited by Dr. Jayson Lusk of Purdue University